Civano Coffee House is the Cafe You Have Always Wanted


Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

What’s better than that amazing feeling of having a place to go when it’s raining and you’re hanging out with your friends, and on top of that when you just need that extra caffeine boost? It seems like there is nothing like this around Tucson, but they’re definitely is. Civano Coffee House is a bit far away from Sahuaro, but definitely has the atmosphere, fast Wi-Fi, friendly service, and cheap prices that we’re all looking for. It’s located in the cutest little neighborhood and there is a nursery right next to it to walk around. I personally went there with three friends and we all agreed that Cirvano is the best coffee house for high school students in Tucson.

Trina Lopez, a junior at Sahuaro, and coffee lover said,”This place is so cozy and inviting. The coffee is so good and the pastries too!”

You may think that a Starbucks is better but this is definitely cheaper; also, the atmosphere contains much more of a friendly feeling making it feel extremely inviting.

Their patio is very relaxing, but you can also have those somewhat loud conversations with all your buds. The drive there is simple, even though it is a bit far. Just go south on Houghton until you see the Civano nursery sign.

High school students are thoroughly addicted to caffeine, as we are all always tired, so having somewhere to constantly go is fun and convenient, somewhere you know will always be welcoming. Doing homework at Civano would be amazing because it is not too loud, and their Wi-Fi is fast, perfect for projects. Just make sure to ask for username and password after checkout!