Eminem and MGK Battle


Caleb Pendleton, Op-Ed Editor

In 2012 the rapper MGK, short for Machine Gun Kelly, talked about Emeniem’s daughter Hailey, and said that she is “hot as F***.” His daughter was 16 at this time and Eminem took an immediate dislike to MGK after hearing those words so many years ago. Fast forward 6 years and in Eminem’s surprise album Kamikaze, he included a 30 second dis on MGK in the song “Not Alike.” MGK immediately replied back with a song called “Rap Devil” which is a title play off of one of Eminem’s most well known songs called “Rap God.” Eminem then came back again with a 4 minute song called, “Killshot” which was an official dis towards MGK which pretty much ended this rap battle leaving Eminem as the winner. MGK even admitted that he wouldn’t be able to respond back because he knew he was defeated.

There hasn’t really been a dis track between two rappers that has gotten this big in along time and they both have made a big deal over a little comment made 6 years ago. Eminem says that he thinks that MGK is actually a good rapper and spit some good bars in his rap, but he knows that he still won this battle. Eminem even admitted that the 30 second portion of “Not Alike” that started this whole battle was kinda petty too. However, in my opinion, MGK was petty for coming back at him too.

Eminem said it was a hard decision to make a dis track about MGK because he knew that it would bring more attention to MGK and put him in the spotlight of the music world and he didn’t want to give MGK that. Both rappers are good and I like some of MGK’s music but not as much as I like Eminem. Both disses in my opinion were really good, but Eminem has a better rep and is more well known so he won on that merit alone. Eminem is the “GOAT” rapper and has been around way longer than MGK, so I’m glad he put him in his place.

Rap on Eminem!