Sahuaro Slams Sunnyside!!!!-50th Homecoming Game


Kianna Montano, Reporter

September 21st was Sahuaro’s 50th annual Homecoming game. Sahuaro beat Sunnyside 48 to 0. Ahmad Hunter #11, Amir Hunter #12, Cameron Williams #30, Chris Williams #49, Avery Ndisabiye #9, and Jakob Georke #7 made touchdowns for our team. Cameron Williams made a 80 yrd touchdown run.

One of Sahuaro’s Varsity players was injured during the game; Abrien Painter #8 got a high sprained ankle.  This was the second year where Sahuaro won against Sunnyside.

Sunnyside’s marching band did a performance before the game, and Sahuaro’s marching band did a performance during half time, while we also found out who our homecoming king and queen were.