The Nun Review

photo from google images

photo from google images

Jocelyn Reeder, Editor-in-Chief

Corin Hardy brings yet another spine-chilling, heart-racing movie to the big screen. On September 6, 2018, The Nun was released in theaters. As you all know The Nun, also known as an evil spirit named Valak, has appeared in The Conjuring 2 and was spotted in Annabelle 2.

The Nun is  a prequel to the 2016’s The Conjuring 2 where we first get a glimpse of an evil, dark spirit, The Nun. The movie takes place at a remote abbey in Romania during 1952. At the beginning a devout, promising nun hangs herself from her bedroom window and the Vatican sends a demon hunter and a novitiate, a nun who has not taken her vows yet, to go and investigate the abbey. The movie really makes you question what scenes are real and unreal.

Scary movies are my all time favorite. I love the adrenaline rush they give me. The Nun really had me screaming in the theater. I did not know what do expect. Before Valak appeared, there was this scary music that played. Every time I heard it, it was frightening and there were some parts I held on to my friend’s hand.

In my opinion, the scary movies that are being made nowadays have me already knowing how it is going to end. The ending was just how the demon from the Nun leads into the Conjuring 2.  Overall I rate this movie a 9/10.