Is Your Dog Depressed?

Ariela, reporter

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There are many signs when people are depressed, they might cry a lot, or maybe stop eating, other people might eat more, some people cut off family and friends. They’re plenty of signs, but how can you tell is your dog is feeling sad or depressed? Some signs are more obvious than others, like maybe your dog sleeps all day under your bed. And then some signs are not as obvious, for example your dog might start “moping” or have a change in moods.

Like people your dog might have a change in appetite. When some dogs gets very sad they will lose their interest in food, and most of the time lose a lot of weight. Other dogs might use food as a coping mechanism and eat more, leading to weight gain.

Another sign might be them sleeping a lot, like if you leave your dog alone all day (say, for school) and continues to sleep after you get home, and barely acknowledges your presence, there is probably something wrong. If this is happening check their physical health, but if nothing seems to be wrong, there is a possibility your dog might be depressed. This can also work in reverse, with you dog becoming restless.

If your pup suddenly loses interest in playing fetch, or going for walks, or stuff that would normally be exciting for them, dogs that seem to lose purpose, may be suffering from depression.

If a dog begins to start hiding or wanting to be left alone more, something is probably bothering them. If it is not something physical, it is likely it’s emotional.

It is very important that you do not accuse them of depression right away. Often, issues that seem emotional stem from physical or medical issues. If you notice a behavior change with your dog and you’re worried, check in with a vet.

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