Movies or Books? The Choice is Clear

Movies or Books? The Choice is Clear

Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

Books over movies? Crazy right? NOT. My opinion is that books are totally better than movies! You might call me crazy, but I’m probably not the only one.

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Take for instance, the Percy Jackson series. The books that I read were amazing. I loved how everything would lead to the next and how events were not easily predictable. I also loved the design of the characters in the story. Annabeth, for example, was one of the characters that I think they really did not match in the movies at all. Throughout the first four books that I read, they always mention Annabeth’s golden hair; so, it was something that always stuck out to me. When I heard that they had made movies for the books, I watched the movies right away; and it started off okay, until they showed Annabeth. Tell me why, in the movie, Annabeth shows up with red hair after it was mentioned countless times in the books that she has blonde hair? Not only that, but there were so many other characters in the movies that just didn’t live up to my expectations like I had hoped they would.

Don’t get me wrong, I too love sitting down with some popcorn and enjoying an awesome movie. Peter Pan anyone? Although when it comes to watching a movie based off a book, I’d rather read the actual book and leave it at that than ruin the reading experience with the movie. When I read a book, I’m able to picture in my mind everything that’s going on. Picturing how these characters or places look is one of the best parts. Also, seeing how everything plays out exactly how spectacular the book makes it sound. With movies, producers are always making scenes so unappealing than how the book had initially intended them to be.

The Mortal Instruments series was another let down for me. I’m not finished with the series yet, (can you believe they don’t have book five at all in any library in Tucson?) so I couldn’t watch all the movies in the series. However, I did start to watch the very first old one, and it was NOT the best. In the movie, why do they make Jace look like he’s a 34 year old man? Again, the Clary in the book looks or acts nothing like the Clary in the movie! Then I heard they made a show on the series, which I was kinda disappointed because I wanted a movie, not a show; but I watched it anyways. Well, one episode. Guess what? I didn’t like it. I do have to say, the show was better than the movie. Clary was more the fiery Clary I read about in the story. The directors portrayed her personality better in that movie. Jace still looked about 27, but it was a little better. Long story short, if I was given the choice to watch a movie or read a book, I would read the book.