TUSD Hires Foreign Teachers to Tackle Shortage



Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

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TUSD has been struggling with finding teachers to fulfill vacancies, especially in science and math for the past several years. Classes end up having long-term subs for the majority of the year due to the shortage. This year TUSD has decided to branch out and hire foreign teachers, specifically from India.

Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo has confirmed 25 teachers are taking open spots in hard to fill subjects — math and science. “They’re filling vacancies that don’t have a sub at all. They haven’t been able to get a long term sub and we haven’t been able to get daily subs,” said Trujillo.


It is said that the majority of teachers will go to middle schools like Booth Fickett and Lawrence, which are the hardest positions to fill.


The board has not yet given many details on the subject, but some schools like Sahuaro have already hired one of these foreign teachers.

Trujillo says he’s not prepared to give details on the costs that could include H1-B visas for teachers.

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