Aubrey Hubble-Down To the Knitty Gritty


Amanda Mourelatos, Associate Editor in Chief

Sophomore Aubrey Hubble began knitting beanies for babies in hospitals about 2 years ago for a church project. She found so much enjoyment in it, she continued for community service in Ms. Hughes’ freshman GATE class. Although she isn’t in that class anymore and community service isn’t a requirement, she is still making the cute little hats today because of how much she loves it. She looms (a device used for making fabric by weaving yarn or thread) while watching TV and she makes about 100 hats at a time, then donates them mostly to St. Joseph’s hospital. 

“I’m not donating the hats for fame or attention. I just do it out of the love of my heart,” she said. Aubrey taught herself how to loom from YouTube and has taught a few friends how to loom as well. The first time she donated, she made about 50 hats, but now, she gets about 100 packed up for the babies. One hat, when she’s focused, takes about 20 minutes. At first, she was embarrassed because when the words ‘knit’ or ‘crochet’ come up, one normally thinks of the elderly. “I sometimes think I am the youngest person to loom knit and the only teenager that cares enough to use my talents to benefit others,” she said. Her main reason for knitting the hats for babies is because of her infatuation with newborns. She told me, “I find enjoyment in loom knitting and I like to give back, especially to the babies.”