Senior Spotlight: Justin Scott

Senior Spotlight: Justin Scott

Samantha Valdez, Opinions Editor

Imagine driving an hour…every day…just to get to school. Then having football practice every day after school, then you drive another hour just to get home and bam! You have homework. This is a reality for Sahuaro senior, Justin Scott.

Justin isn’t your average teenager.  He lives on several acres of land, with animals, and lives an hour away in Sonoita. It seems like he was initially unphased by the move.  “It just kinda happened.” First his sister insisted on his family moving out and owning land, once his stepdad got on board with the plan they slowly but surely started to move. “It was a very slow moving process of just the weekends, then a week, but now I live there full time.” Justin’s family still owns a home here in Tucson,  He used his family’s old house’s address so he could keep enrolling at Sahuaro.

Just because Justin lives an hour away from school, doesn’t mean he can’t get any of his work done. “I stay up late and wake up early. I do most of my homework at school or over the weekend.” Trying to get as much homework done at school is an important part of Justin’s schedule so everything can carry on smoothly. Usually on his way home from practice he listens to the audios of the books he is currently  reading in his English class. The most recent one was Kite Runner.  Waking up early mornings and experiencing a plethora of late nights is also really important for him to catch up on work. Projects are something he usually works on during weekends or when it’s group work. Last but not least, Justin also helps take care of the animals living on his family’s land.  When asked if it was hard to insert taking care of animals into his schedule he said, “Right now I have 4 dogs and 2 pigs and they aren’t that much work.” However at one point in Justin’s family, they had around 20 rabbits, 70 chickens, 3 horses, 5 emus, ducks and geese, 2 pigs, and 13 fat tailed sheep.

Game days are big for Justin’s schedule.  He spends the night at his friend, Ben’s house house after every game.  “He even has his own bed,” teammate Ben Jackson says.  After every Friday night’s game, football  players have practice at 8 in the morning the following day and it’s tiresome for Justin to return home late after a game, then wake up super early to attend next day’s practice.

After high school Justin plans to attend the U of A College of Engineering.