Does Eating Spicy Foods Cause Weight Loss?

Jamie Beck, Fine Arts Editor/ Slideshow Editor

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Capsaicin is a compound found in chili peppers that makes them so spicy, this is suppose to support weight loss. This claim is a natural substance that can help speed up metabolism and help reduce fat tissue, as well as helping with overeating by taming your appetite.

Scientists have claimed the compound Capsaicin can be a benefit to reducing the waist-to-hip measurement ratio, also consuming a minimum of 2 mg of the capsaicin compound (known as capsaicinoids) before eating a meal can reduce energy intake by 74 calories during the meal. Increasing your capsaicin by adding chili peppers, cayenne pepper, or paprika in small amounts to your meals may be beneficial to your overall health. Although taking this compound can cause a few side effects like stomach irritation, stomach pain, bloating, and the aggravation of ulcers and heartburn. Another side effect scientists have discovered is it can cause gastric cancer and it might interact with some medications including aspirin and blood-thinning drugs.