Limo Crash Claims 20 Lives


Alyssa Urff, Sahuaro News Editor

Four of the Tom and Linda Kings’ seven children — Amy, Allison, Abigail and Mary — were among the dead. Three of their sons-in-law were also killed in the Oct. 6 crash that claimed a total of 20 lives. The 17 relatives and friends piled into the limousine en route to a birthday party at a brewery in Cooperstown, N.Y.  It was especially inconceivable because all four of the daughters had stopped by their parents’ house in the hours before the crash.

4 sisters lost in accident (source: cbs news)

The 2001 Ford Excursion limousine flew downhill, going over 60 mph, hitting an empty 2015 Toyota Highlander and skidding off into a tree. The driver, two bystanders, and 17 people inside were all pronounced dead at the scene. The passengers were newlyweds,  young couples, and 4 sisters. The family friends all passed together.

The limousine accident was the deadliest U.S. transportation crash in the past 9 years. The last accident was a plane crash in Buffalo that killed 50 people.

While the cause of the crash is unknown, the vehicle had recently not passed an inspection by the New York State Department of Transportation and was not allowed to be on the road. The brake-warning light for the hydraulic brake system had remained on during inspection. The rear emergency exit window and a right-side emergency door were also dysfunctional. Residents also said that the intersection and site of the crash was infamous for accidents and a problem in New York.

Nauman Hussain arrested (source: google)

Nauman Hussain, the son of the owner of the limousine company and person responsible for hiring the driver of the limo, was arrested on October 10 for negligent homicide and still awaits additional charges. Hussain had ignored all violations issued by the state of New York and let the unsafe vehicle still operate.

Local vigils and a go-fund-me account were made to honor and remember the people lost. Flowers, emails, messages, and more have been sent to the family and relatives as well. “The coroner told the sheriff that the kids didn’t suffer,” Ms. King said. “It was immediate. Eventually we’ll realize they aren’t coming home.”