Easy Costumes for The Last Minute

Easy Costumes for The Last Minute

Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

Halloween always seems to come out of nowhere, doesn’t it? This year Halloween is on a Wednesday and you want to make sure you’re looking great, so here are some classic or simple costumes for either the last minute, the lazy, and everyone in between!

404 Error Costume not found!

For this look all you need is white shirt and a black marker, just write out the message.

A Formal Apology

This is classic costume. To execute this just right make a sign that says, “Sorry!” and hang it around your neck. Then bust out a formal dress or suit.


This is another look that requires a black marker and T-shit, just write out life and carry around some lemons. when someone asks who you are, hand them one and say, “Why don’t you make me some lemonade?”

Damian from Mean Girls

Easy, comfy, and funny- this is just a hoodie and sunglasses, paired with a “She doesn’t even go here!” sign.

Candy Hearts

This is more of a group costume but you just need a colored shirt or dress and a construction paper heart with some classic candy heart saying on it.

Identity Thief

This costume is just a plan outfit with a bunch of different name tags all over it.


All of these costumes are fun, simple and affordable so try one out this year!