Megyn Kelly’s “Blackface” Comment Leaves her Future at NBC Uncertain

photo from google images

photo from google images

Jocelyn Reeder, Editor-in-Chief

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On October 23, Megyn Kelly made remarks on her show, Megyn Kelly Today about blackface Halloween costumes. She suggested that when she was younger, it was okay for white people to dress in blackface. Ms. Kelly stated, “What is racist? You do get into trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface on Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was O.K., as long as you were dressing up as a character.” The next day, she tearfully apologized in front of the cameras and Thursday she did not return for work. Instead a rerun of her show replaced the live broadcast.

Another repeat episode of “Megyn Kelly Today” was scheduled on Friday. The president of NBC news, Noah Oppenheim, and Jackie Levin, the show’s executive producer, told staff members to prepare for a few days off. Oppenheim and Levin also stated that they would be moved to new jobs at the network.

Ms. Kelly apologized for her comments in an email to colleagues and again on the air. Both of her apologies seemed to do very little to improve her standing at the network.

She is no longer represented by a talent agent. Ms. Kelly cut ties with the Creative Artists Agency this week, and a rival agency that was going to sign her on Wednesday, United Talent Agency, backed away because of her “blackface” comment. Adding to her difficulties, guest stars like actor Gary Sinise, the director Ron Howard, and the host of “American Ninja Warrior” Matt Iseman, who were suppose to appear on future episodes no longer wanted to be on her show.

If Megyn Kelly leaves NBC, her next moves are unclear. Rival networks that expressed interest in her might be reluctant now. Megyn Kelly also might try to return to Fox News, but the network stated that was not a likely outcome. “We are extremely happy with our entire lineup,” reported the network.

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