Everything You’re Doing Wrong This Holiday Season


Nathalia Valdez, Social Media & Commiunication

From setting up your Christmas tree November 1st to camping outside of stores on Thanksgiving instead of being with your family here are the top eleven things you’re doing wrong this holiday season.

#11. Giving depressed Santa’s money. For some reason the closer we get to the holiday season, the more Santa’s outside of stores like Fry’s and Walmart get sadder, so I don’t think we should be giving non-Christmas-spirit people money.

#10. Taking family pictures, outside, in the cold, with an ugly sweater. This is definitely annoying – you’re enjoying your hot chocolate then mom says, “Time for pictures!,” eww.

#9. Bratty kids who want everything – we can all agree that a little person opening up a present on Christmas is absolutely adorable! Unfortunately not every child is happy with an avocado. And sometimes kids tend to go overboard with the crying and excessive amount of mucous on their face just for a toy. We can all agree that is annoying. So if you’re still a crybaby on Christmas because you didn’t get what you wanted, make sure to cut it out :).

#8. Playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, all I have to say for this one is take it one step at a time. Christmas will come I promise. Trust me Christmas music before thanks giving gets extremely annoying.

#7. Sitting with your family but being on your phone the whole time. Come on bud, you see your family once a year – sit down with them and have a nice chat. Talk about school, a recent game, food, or pretty much anything you like. I promise they won’t ignore you (like most of your friends).

#6. Dressing for the holidays too soon – we get it, ugly sweaters are warm, but they’re ugly. Not just that but also they’re so overdone. And the ones with lights are honestly super dangerous!

#5. Setting up Christmas decorations too soon. Even though its a lot of work, somehow people manage to surprise us when we wake up on November 1st only to find a whole bunch of Christmas decorations in our neighbors front yards. Seriously? Thanksgiving hasn’t isn’t even here yet!

#4. Camping outside of a store for Black Friday instead of being with your family on Thanksgiving. How do I even start? Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to everyone in your life, not camp outside of Best Buy for a tablet. Now I’m not being completely bias towards Black Friday Shopping, but I get it if you go for a few hours to Walmart then have your Thanksgiving dinner.

#3. Putting your Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving. I know it’s soo fun, and putting up the star is the best part, but not before Thanksgiving (slapping my forehead emoji).

#2. Being offended for getting a “Merry Christmas” instead of a “Happy Holiday”. What a bright, time its the right time to stop complaining and enjoy the holidays. During the holidays people have the best intentions to make you happy (well most do, sorry Mr. Grinch). So don’t be hurt or offended by something so simple and enjoy the holidays.

#1. Knowing Santa’s not real. If you didn’t know, sorry to burst your bubble but, SANTA’S NOT REAL :((. This is probably the worst thing about the holiday season, so if a little angel in your life still thinks he is real don’t ruin it for him\her (even if they’re bratty little kids who don’t like avocados.)