The Benefits of Doodling


Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

Doodling…this fun little thing that can help you get through a long class or just calm you down. Various studies show that doodling while listening to music helps improve memory by helping connect audio functions with executive functions, which are the functions that help your brain plan, multi-task, and concentrate.

Doodling also helps to calm your brain. When you’re extremely stressed, doodling helps clear your thoughts – it gives you a time to just sit, draw, and think.

Mindlessly drawing is also proven to help your brain learn by making your mind fall into a state of passive listening. This is more effective than focused listening because it makes it hard to fall off of a topic you don’t even know you’re listening to.

There are different times when it is appropriate to be doodling, though. This is something to do when you don’t need to be taking notes but you should still be listening, like during a review lecture in class.

But if you’re like me it’s hard to get started. You don’t know what to doodle. So I have gathered some of the best doodles from my friends here at Sahuaro that are the most fun and the easiest so feel free to recreate.

You may also want to watch one of these YouTube videos on how to get started doodling.

Found here and here.

Doodling can help calm your mind and help you listen. It’s fun and something we all should be doing, so keep doodling, scribbling and mindlessly moving that pencil because it really is good for you!