Cozy Up On a Comfy New Chair With The Library’s New Look


Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

The library is upgrading! Thanks to donations made by Sam Levitz Furniture, there are now  four new comfortable chairs to sit in, read, or have a chat with your friends. Located right in front when you walk in, this is definitely a new and fun feature of our already beautiful library. Junior Trina Lopez said, “This is a great place to hangout and read or talk with friends. The new chairs are really comfy.” 

Mr. Harkin joked with his English class and said, “The library is so fancy now you need a reservation, but it seems to always be booked!” Some students took this seriously and attempted  to make a library reservation!

The library definitely is someplace Sahuaro students should be taking advantage of, and they are. During conference the new chairs seem to be being enjoyed by many as they are always full. So, get down to the library during lunch or at conference period and relax in these new chairs!