The Best Time To Work Out For Better Weight Loss And Better Sleep

Jamie Beck, Fine Arts and Slideshow editor

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People who work out in the morning have a better chance at losing weight. Those who work out on an empty stomach burned up to 20 percent more fat. Researchers also noticed that exercising for 45 minutes in the morning can reduce appetite. Research has shown that people who are involved in physical activity decreases ghrelin, a hormone that causes appetite, while increasing peptide YY, a hormone that actually suppresses appetite. In other words there are many benefits to working out earlier in the day.

Evidence has shown that there are benefits to working out depending on the time of day you work out. Researchers from Appalachian State University noticed that people who scheduled their gym time for 7:00 AM lowered their blood pressure by about 10 percent, which remained consistently lower throughout the day. People who did work out at all, had a 25 percent decrease in their blood pressure at night. Plus they have a better chance at sleeping for longer periods of time compared to those who rarely exercise. Researches also noticed that the people who exercised at 7:00 PM or 1:00 PM got little sleep or benefits to their blood pressure.