Toy Story 4

Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

Toy Story 4! It’s official people. Rumors are answered, teaser trailers are out, and 90’s kids are screaming. Although, can making a Toy Story 4 be such a good idea?

Toy Story 3 was the last known movie in the Toy Story series. And in my opinion, it gave a very promising and fulfilling ending. Andy has to go to college and no longer has time to play with his toys, which leads into this big adventure that ends up having Andy giving the toys away to Bonnie (his mom’s-friends-child…yeah) Anyways the story ended perfect because it gave Woody, Buzz, and the whole gang a place to be and allowed Andy to go to college in peace. It basically ended on a note where all the viewers were satisfied with the outcome and felt the need to no longer have to make another movie.

But here we are. Faced with the trailers of talking stuffed bunnies and ducks and a spork named “Forkey”.

Don’t get me wrong, when I first had heard about the movie too, I was head over heels on the idea of creating yet another awesome Toy Story movie, but now that I think about it I just can’t seem to get back on that mindset. Making another movies means trying to wrap your head around another ending. I’m sure we all have seen movies where it was just so great, it reached our expectations, it was just amazing. But then the squeal comes around, and there is that one-little-scene that doesn’t quite just fit….and it ruins the whole movie. Shrek Forever After for example? That movie kinda ended awkwardly since most of the conflict was solved in Shrek Two, he has his wife, kids, friends. What was there to make more of?  I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t want to ruin a movie that I cherish, because of a bad sequel.

Woody and his fun-loving gang. We will always love and cherish them. But it is really worth risking their good name from the first three amazing  movies, with a fourth?