Running Their Way To State


Alyssa Urff, Sahuaro News Editor

Any athlete’s dream is to be the best or to get somewhere far in their athletic career. Well, that’s exactly what these two Cougars did. Senior Chayse Hilman and junior Skyler Devaughn raced to success at the 2018 State Cross Country Championships.

Skyler Devaughn (left) and Chayse Hilman (right) at Cave Creek Golf Course

The championships were held at the Cave Creek Golf Course in Phoenix, Arizona. It started Saturday November 10th and lasted through the weekend. Hilman and Devaughn arrived on Friday night along with their coaches. Their cross country season started in early August with conditioning and camps during the summer.

Devaughn’s personal record for the season was a 5k time of 17 minutes and 34 seconds. Devaughn has done cross country and track and field since his freshman year. Before high school he played soccer and basketball. He decided to try out for soccer this year and is now on the junior varsity soccer team. When asked if he wanted to go to college for running, Devaughn said “I would love to.” adding, “I love to see how training and hard work pays off.”

Hilman has been doing cross country since her sophomore year. She also plays soccer as she is currently on the varsity girls soccer team. She thinks that out of her three seasons, this one was her best. She almost medaled in 2/3 of all invitationals and received a medal for 9th place in sectionals. When asked about how she did in state, she replied, “Going to state was awesome. I was really nervous because it was one of the hardest coursesĀ I had ever run.”

Even when they’re not doing cross country, go show your congrats and support to these Cougars as they continue running to success!