NASA’s InSight Space Craft to Mars has Landed


Caleb Pendleton, Op-Ed Editor

Six months ago NASA launched a rocket to be sent to Mars known as the InSight Mars Lander which successfully landed on November 11th, 2018.

Source: New York Times

The Insight space craft was built to safely land on Mars going through phases like falling down and using a heat shield to unleash a parachute that safely brings down this spacecraft. The NASA missions’ team had to go through many calculations to get the spacecraft to enter Mars at a certain speed and angle. The space craft held a plate with technology that was ascended onto Mars using a thrust-er.

This space craft will be the first to look into the deep surface of Mars. The Mars lander will extend its arm and put a drill onto Mars’ surface to calculate temperatures to about 16 feet below the ground. The machine will also put a bowl-like cover over the drill to protect it from any disturbances on Mars.

This space craft could possibly change our future. We already know there is no life on Mars and if there is any life, it would have to be underground-if we find it, it would change everything. NASA will be able to see how the planet was structured and be able to compare it to our planet Earth to do further research on life in space.