Thrill-Seekers Playgrounds

Thrill-Seekers Playgrounds

Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

Love danger? Are you an adventure seeker? Then these places are where YOU need to be. Here are 6 tourist places all thrill-seekers need to visit some day.

1. The Top of Tyrol in Innsbruck, Austria 

Degrees lowered to 360, the views of the Eastern Alps, and the new 3S Eisgratbahn  and Schaufeljochbahn Gondolas speed you to the world of 109 “Three-Thousanders”, high altitude peaks averaging 3,000 meters in elevation: “Top of Tyrol” is a great mountaintop viewing platform on Stubai Glacier that points out over a heap of mountains for nine meters and is within a five minute walk from the gondola’s top terminal. After enjoying the jaw-dropping views, refuel with local delicacies at Jochdohle Restaurant.

2. Base Jumping off Kjerag Mountain in Lysefjord, Norway

This 40 kilometre long fjord was formed during the ice age by massive glaciers which covered the earth. The Lysefjord is imposing and unquestionably the most distinctive fjord in Rogaland country. The mountains tower above the fjord for long sections and at their highest reach 3000 feet above sea level. A special feature of the Lysefjord is that it is very straight. As an ancient highway the fjord formed part of that importance. The physically fit can walk to such viewpoints as PreikestolenKjerag, Bratteli and Flørli, all affording splendid views of the fjord. It can also be admired from the top of the Lysevegen road above Lysebotn or from the new bridge at the mouth of the fjord. The bridge leads, among other things, to the prehistoric village of Landa near Forsand, the administrative centre of the municipality.

3. Cliff Diving at the La Quebrada Cliffs in Acapulco, Mexico

La Quebrada is perhaps Acapulco’s most iconic attraction, a place that has come to symbolize the city itself. Every day at 1:00 p.m., young men dive from La Quebrada’s perilous and jagged cliffs, timing their jump to coincide with the incoming waves that cushion their impact and protect them from landing in the shallows. Come evening, more diving takes place.

4. The Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Love Roller Coasters? Your gonna love this. This coaster can accelerate to its top speed in 5 seconds using a hydraulic launch system which generates a release velocity similar to that of steam catapults on an aircraft carrier. Riders are said to experience 1.7 g of force during acceleration and up to 4.8 g throughout the ride. Not convinced it cool enough yet? Riders are expected to wear protective glasses similar to the ones worn in skydiving. This is because the riders are taken so high into the air at such speeds that their afraid other airborne things like insects or birds might make impact with the rider.

5. White Water Rafting in Futaleufu, Chile

This river is said to one of the most stunning and challenging rivers in the world. It is an exhilarating whitewater power storm with a life force of turquoise, champagne-like water. Riding the spine of this river as it flows through this isolated portion of the glaciated Chilean Andes is an unparalleled experience.



6. The Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J.

Was the other roller coaster not enough? Try this one. This ones is shaped like an upside down U and goes up to 45 stories high in the sky. And of course, this coaster is going to need some big acceleration to get you up into the sky. Leaving the station  you’ll go 0-128 mph at a jaw-dropping time of 3.5 seconds.

These are just a few of the awesome places you could be visiting one day. Wanna see more? Click  here.