Diamondbacks Officially Begin Rebuild


Photo Credit: AZcentral.com

Brandon Barr, Sports Editor

For all of last season there were questions surrounding Arizona Diamondbacks star pitcher Patrick Corbin. He was a free agent after the 2018 MLB season and he was available to any teams who wanted him. With the season he had last year, I thought that the Diamondbacks would make a heavy push to keep him on the team for the 2019 season. I guess not. The Diamondbacks made what seemed like zero effort to keep him on the team and now he is a highly paid pitcher for the Washington Nationals where he signed a 6 year $140 million deal. He is in the top 5 for largest contracts for a free agent pitcher since 2015.

The biggest loss for the Arizona Diamondbacks has to be the trading of star first baseman and face of the franchise, Paul Goldschmidt. Since the season ended, I kept seeing stories that said the Diamondbacks were listening to offers on Goldschmidt. I didn’t think the Diamondbacks would ever trade Goldy because he is the face of the franchise and he is loved by all of Arizona fans and fans from across the world. Although yesterday, it happened.

The Diamondbacks officially traded Goldy to the St. Louis Cardinals. The Diamondbacks in return got starting pitcher Luke Weaver, infielder Andy Young, catcher Carson Kelly, and a 2019 Competitive Balance Round B draft pick. Goldy is a free agent after the 2019 season and my hope is that Diamondbacks will re-sign Goldy once he’s a free agent. However, with the way the Diamondbacks tend to get rid of all their talent, I’m not holding my breath.