Beware of Broadway


Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

The City of Tucson Department of Transportation and the Regional Transportation Authority has begun roadway improvements on Broadway Boulevard between Camino Seco and Houghton Road.

The improvements include widening the road to four lanes with a raised median, upgraded drainage crossings, and roadside channels, new drainage culverts at the wash to allow water to flow under Broadway, new sidewalks on both sides of Broadway, HAWK signal at Gollob Road, LED lighting, new sewer lines, native landscape, and water harvesting features and public art.

District voters approved the 20-year RTA plan in 2006. To date, the RTA’s transportation project investments of over $1 billion are working to support the region’s economic vitality and improve driver’s quality of transportation.

It has come to the project team’s attention that kids from Sahuaro and Magee are walking within the construction zone, very close to heavy equipment and excavation areas, and climbing fill-dirt and sand piles.

“We ask that you please stay out of the construction zone, away from heavy equipment, trenches, excavation areas, and the fill-dirt piles.”