France Erupts in Protests

France Erupts in Protests

Samantha Crowson, Cougar Tales and Features editor.

Due to Emmanuel Macron’s plan to stop climate change, a rather violent protest called the Yellow Vest protests, have taken over France in the past few days. Macron’s plan is to get the people of France to use electric cars, but he didn’t take into account those who can’t even afford that. Gas prices in France have risen to $5.46 equivalent to American money.

The protests kicked on when a home video went viral, “On October 18 an accordionist in the Brittany region, Jacline Mouraud, posts a video taken in her living room assailing “Monsieur Macron” and asking him what he’s doing with taxpayers’ money…She lists the grievances of drivers in the face of fuel price hikes, and demands of Macron: ‘When is this hounding of drivers, which you’ve pursued since your arrival, going to end?” explains France .

About a few months after, on  November 17th, France had to set up blockades to stop  290,000 demonstrators wearing the high-visibility yellow vests. The vests come from a law passed in 2008, that states “…all motorists (must)…have high-visibility vests in their vehicles when driving (as a safety measure should the driver be required to exit the vehicle on the roadside).”

To this day the protests continue and they are not sure what will happen next; some say it may not stop until Macron drops the tax.