HS Drama Performance Surprises with KKK Characters


Caleb Pendleton, Op-Ed Editor

Three Students attending the ASU Preparatory Academy Phoenix campus put on a comedy show presenting the popular play “The Foreigner” only to receive great backlash. The three students, without notifying parents and even the student body, wore Ku Klux Klan costumes which offended many parents and students. The play was performed during school hours as a preview for the students just like we do at Sahuaro High School before a show goes live.

Some parents were furious and sent complaints to the school, and even one parent said, “At least inform the parents, give us the ability to make that decision. The KKK walked into my kid’s school Friday and I didn’t get to stop it.” Meanwhile another parent didn’t really have a problem with this, because he said that most of the kids at the school are Hispanic anyway. The school is made up of 75% Hispanic students, 11% white students, and 9% African American students.

The Klansmen were supposed to be part of the play but one parent said “the characters could have easily been portrayed without ”full regalia.” The drama class could have picked another play if having KKK members was their only option for that scene. None of the drama students were responsible for this because as a drama student you must do as your drama teacher says, so all the responsibility is on the teacher here which could lead up to some serious consequences.

A spokesperson at ASU Prep apologized for the situation and tried to explain as best as she could what happened. They stated,”We apologize if anyone was caught by surprise with the appearance of these characters. We are confident that a fair reading of the text of the play, and a fair interpretation of the intentions of students who performed it, reveals no endorsement of bigotry.”