New Movies Coming to Theaters 2019


Nathalia Valdez

2019 has been a great year so far. But for those whose year has been a little on the downside, here’s a little something to make your year a little brighter.

Best movies coming to theaters in 2019! *Only for upcoming months*

January 4: Escape Room: Escape Room is a horror story about you guessed it… an Escape Room. A group of strangers gets a strange box inviting them

to a mysterious place  – the only catch is “solve the puzzle you live, get it wrong you die.”

January 18: Glass: The movie “Glass” is the sequel to “Split”, a movie about a man with schizophrenia who kidnaps and tortures a group of teen girls. In the second movie “Glass” the man with multiple personalities and many other mentally ill patients attempt to escape their mental hospital.

February 8: Lego Movie 2: When everything is lost (and Lucy is taken by an evil villain) Emit must take on the mission to save her.

February 14: Happy Death Day 2U: This is the sequel to “Happy Death Day” a movie about a girl that keeps living her death day over and over again and it just so happens it’s also her birthday. In the sequel, the killer returns not only for the birthday girl, but for everyone else.

March 8: Captain Marvel: She’s here to stay! Captain Marvel, alongside her friends, defends the world from evil out-of-this-world-creatures. A lot of people are excited for this women-empowering movie.

March 22: Five Feet Apart: Starring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson Five Feet Apart is a love story of 2 CF patients

that fall in love but can’t touch each other.

March 29: Dumbo: Dumbo is the story of a little elephant with great big ears! When his mother and him get separated this little elephant will do anything to get her back.

April 5: Pet Sematary: A family moves to a new house that is basically on the edge of the wood. Their neighbors (including a creepy old man) tell them about the horrors that lie in the woods. To their misfortune they found out the stories are true.*An original novel by Stephen King*

April 19: The Curse of La Llorona: If you’re from a Mexican background, your mom has been hyping this up since you were a small child. The story about a social worker and her own kids being attacked by a supernatural event.   La Llorona makes her first appearance, now their only hope is a priest who practices mysticism.

April 26: Avengers Endgame: Endgame is the second part to “Avengers Infinity War”, in Infinity War all the super heroes team up to fight against Thanos but unfortunately fail 🙁 leading Thanos to destroy half of earth’s population (by turning them into dust.) Hopefully in this second film they have a MARVELous comeback. (No pun intended.)