How to DOMINATE 2019…


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Azalia Munoz, Senior Spotlight Editor

You spent 365 days allowing yourself to be below average. 2018 was the year you decided to stay below the threshold of success. An entire year wasted…stifling all the creativity and potential you had, to become the person you always wanted to be. All the days you spent on your phone, look up! All the days you watched YouTube, work out! All the days you waited for a sign to go out and start living…here is the sign. It’s me. It’s 2019. It’s deciding to take 2019, and dominate it. It’s all about what you put out  into the world. Do you want to be rich? Get a job. Do you want to travel? Travel. Nervous about asking out that person? Feelings of rejection are just a fabricated feeling creating by society to trap you in the bubble of normality. Society wants you to be like everyone else, with feelings of no control. If you want something, go and get it. Everyone is so caught up in fear and the ‘what ifs’. Everything is a mindset. Sadness, loneliness, anger. It’s all fake. Create your own reality. This life was made for YOU. It’s your story, so do you want to be the person that people will remember, or do you want to be the person that people forget? You choose.

Motivational videos/speeches are a scam. I wrote this in less than 5 minutes, and it’s literally 90% of the videos out there. There’s no real thought to these – it’s just recycled ideas more or less. People are sucked into these videos that in the end are a temporary motivator. Although when you think of it, motivation is the same saying every time. “I can do it.” No matter how you spin it, it’s cheesy and cliche. Motivation should come from yourself, and not videos from the internet. The only way to motivate yourself is to be motivated. It’s simple.

Keeping a new year’s resolution can be hard, and a part of the reason for that is people tend to set long time goals rather than short term ones. It’s much harder to keep a goal for 12 months, people should set their goals for 3-4 months – with a shorter goal it can be easier to push through. Keeping healthier foods in your house will help cut down on eating poorly, opposed to having an endless supply of junk food to go through. Working out is easier with a friend, or workout buddy. It’s harder to cancel plans when someone else is counting on you, especially if you don’t want to let your friend down. Writing down goals to keep an organized collection of goals and things to do will keep you organized.

Stop watching these videos about new years resolutions, and how to be successful. In the end, most of these people are living off their trust fund. It’s not as simple as do what you want. Most of us have jobs, and can’t afford to travel to Ibiza. Realistically most of what they tell you only applies to a handful of people, and is based off the fantasies of others. The importance of self motivation, rather than acquired motivation is the key to succeeding in life (not to sound fake deep). Even writing this article, most of what I am writing can sound fake deep. I can give tips on how to stay motivated, but is this any different from the videos I’m poking fun at? Motivation is motivation in the end. Here’s a list from Bustle on how to stay motivated, so use this info as you wish:

  1. Don’t assume money will motivate you (True, but also if I was a millionaire, waking up in Ibiza would be nice)
  2. Make sure they’re your goals (Exactly!)
  3. Visualize the results (Agree, but this is a fine line. If i visualize millions are dollars it won’t magically show up)
  4. Break down the goal into smaller pieces (Yes, this is what I was saying earlier in the article!)
  5. Tap into other people’s energy (Um?)
  6. Get organized (!)
  7. Keep the big picture in mind (True)
  8. Don’t worry about what you can’t control (Also true)
  9. Seek out positive information (…)
  10. Remind yourself why you set the goal (!!!)
  11. Be consistent (Obvi, but it’s harder than it seems – but also don’t give up)

Here’s to another year of failed resolutions + watching motivational videos at 3am 🙂