Take AP/Honors English, Here’s Why


Azalia Munoz, Senior Spotlight Editor

Knowledge is power and has an enormous impact on our society in the modern age. Dating back hundreds of years, people who were intelligent generally had more wealth and a higher rate of success. To have a successful job, a person must be proficient in math, reading, and writing – it is an inescapable skill. The better a person is at said skills, higher rate of success is more likely. So how does someone prepare for this material? Sahuaro has classes catered to developing these skills at a more advanced level than regular classes.

  • For Freshman: GATE English (Hughes)
  • For Sophomores: Honors English (Watters)
  • For Juniors: AP Language & Composition (Hislope)
  • For Seniors: AP Literature (Krause)

These options are great for any students looking to get ahead. Personally, I found that taking advanced classes all 4 years of high school has improved my writing immensely. Writing essays based on text rather than creating writing about a topic I was passionate about was extremely difficult for me. Through these classes (Hislope especially) I found that it becomes more of a second nature to write a persuasive or argumentative essay. I think without these classes I would still be efficient at writing, but with these classes I feel as though it has pushed me to go beyond what I thought I can do. I’m not the only one who has similar feelings, senior Chloe Petri said, “It definitely helped me – with regular classes I feel like it didn’t really push me. I feel like it was simple stuff, and didn’t challenge me. Honors/AP classes really does push me.”

Senior, Jocelyn Reeder says, “Sometimes the work can be difficult, especially poetry, but Ms. Krause is a wonder angel and helps everyone understand what they don’t know.”

Senior AP English teacher, Ms. Krause, says, “Students should take AP and honors because they will get a different perspective, and it gives a different way of looking at things. It’s not that it’s harder, but it requires more original thought.” English skills are something that only enhance you, so it’s better to utilize these classes. AP courses allow students to take the AP test which can count as college credits if the student passes the test – which in the long run will save the student money. In addition, it looks good on college applications if the student receives a good grade in the course. So sign up for Honors/AP classes during registration!