Meet Our New Star-Crossed Lovers

Just another frog love story<3

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Denise Najera , Sports Recorder

Ladies, get ready because the most charming bachelor of the year is finally here! He’s sweet, he’s funny, he’s got style (if you’re into warty). Here he is folks it’s none other than Romeo!…..The Frog.

Oh, did I forget to mention? Yeah, might want to get your swim gear ready for this date. Romeo is an amphibian, a Sehuencas water frog to be exact. He was captured ten-years ago by scientists and, for about almost all his life, has been kept isolated in a Bolivian Museum (Bolivia’s Cochabamba Natural History Museum).  They keep an eye on Romeo there, but scientists say he’s getting kinda lonely. Staff says he is sometimes heard making underwater mating calls.

Staff have been trying to find Romeo a mate for a very long time, but since Romeo was thought to be the last of his kind, they’ve found it very difficult to find one. They even went as far as making a dating profile of the frog so that he could get more attention. Romeo Sehuencas is now part of the online dating world, people.

But there is light at the end of this frog’s tragic romance life.

An expedition was made in the Bolivian Cloud Forest. There, they found five Sechuencas frogs – two female and three male – in a river where they captured them and took them back to the Museum.

BBC News

“Romeo is really calm and relaxed and doesn’t move a whole lot,” Camacho Badini told the BBC. Juliet, she said, is “really energetic, she swims a lot and she eats a lot and sometimes she tries to escape.” Total opposites, so Badini is hoping that opposites really do attract and that Romeo ends up finding the Ying to his Yang. Or a better phrase for this particular situation, the Juliet to his Romeo:)