Sabino and Sahuaro-a Comparison


Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

There are many students who have transferred from Sabino to Sahuaro and vice versa. As you may know, the Sabino Sabercats and Sahuaro Cougars have always had some kind of rivalry going on, whether it be a sports game or just out of hate for each other’s school based on stereotypes of students or just for the fun of hatred and competition.

Former Sabercat, now Cougar, Kyerie Ferrel switched to Sahuaro because the way things were being taught at Sabino was confusing and it was harder to understand, even with help.

“I like how there’s a lot of open people, meaning there aren’t really any set ‘cliques’.” Everyone is kind and willing to let people into their group of friends, everyone’s more inviting here.”

Sabino stair rails(left) and Sahuaro’s(right).

She added, “I personally like it better here because I feel more comfortable and feel like I can be myself around other students. Also, a big beneficial difference to Sahuaro is that the teachers are way nicer and more willing to help you both academically and with your own issues.”. Overall, Kyerie finds Sahuaro’s students and faculty nicer, more helpful and the campus’ layout more convenient than Sabino’s.

Sabino’s library(left) and Sahuaro’s library(right).

Brian Lopez, a soccer player and student who finished his sophomore year at Sahuaro, then moved to Sabino says that the only reason he moved was to get more playtime for soccer. He says that the teams that Sahuaro’s Boys Soccer Team loses to, Sabino wins against. “Compared to Sahuaro, Sabino is a lot calmer because instead of fights and confrontations, people make rumors about each other and have no intention of bringing it to their face. However, the teachers seem to care more at Sahuaro, which is really helpful.” He also brought up the fact that Sabino has less AP and honors classes than Sahuaro. AP and Honors classes are worth more GPA points, which is important to have high when applying to college. Sahuaro also has onsite JTED programs and classes, while Sabino does not. Brian also claims that Sabino and Sahuaro’s cleanliness is around the same.

Campus greenery. Sabino(left) and Sahuaro(right).

In conclusion, Sabino visibly has an overall nicer campus than compared to Sahuaro, with convenient outdoor seating, greenery in between buildings, and cleanliness. But what Sabino lacks are caring and considerate teachers, onsite JTED classes, open social groups, and more aspects that are important to have in high school.