Sahuaro Sock Drive


Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

Sahuaro had a sock drive. Students dropped off socks to the nurse, where they were collected by Health Assistant Yolanda Machado. From there, she will be taking them to Rincon High school.

“They are collecting socks for an upcoming event that is at Rincon. It’s on January 26th, it’s for the High School Expo and Health Fair. We’re just one of the places that collect for them. They’re gonna have a table where they are going to pass them out to everybody. We didn’t collect that many but that’s okay, every bit counts.”

Not just Sahuaro, but all schools in the district were asked to collect socks. Since it was such short notice, a couple of schools sadly could not have participated. Luckily Sahuaro was able to pull through and collect a fairly good amount of socks.

The collecting of the socks took place throughout the month of January the 6th through the 21st.

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The Exo and Health Fair is an event that takes place at Rincon High-School (this year). It is all about giving. The event is on Saturday January 26 form 10am-1pm. At the fair the socks will be put on a a table for families to take. Along with the exchanging of socks will also be other stuff like hygiene items and some referrals to other places.

Not only will there be things given away, there will also be booths set up from other schools encouraging students to attend their schools and hoping to see them in the upcoming year.