Calling All Students!

Free Personalized SAT Practice Tests Available


Alyssa Urff, Sahuaro News Editor

Forget about those hefty and expensive SAT test prep books! Forget those days of stressing over practicing for the SAT, for the SAT superhero is here!

The earlier you start prepping for the SAT or the PSAT, the better. With the help of Khan Academy and College Board collaborating, you can now get personalized practice tests to help prepare you for the test. The process is easy and takes less than 5 minutes to get everything started.

(Source: College Board)

#1 Visit this link.

At the top of the website, you’ll see a banner that says “Get personalized practice recommendations for the skills you’ll need for the SAT, plus eight official practice exams from College Board” with a blue button next to it that says “Practice for the SAT”. Click the button and it will have you either sign in or register a free Khan Academy account. Once you’re signed in…

#2 Log into your College Board Account from the Khan Academy Website. 

Khan Academy will ask for you to log into College Board through their website so that you can send them any of your previous PSAT or SAT scores. From there, they will create mini tests and practices based on areas you need to improve in. Even if you’ve only taken the PSAT, you can still get practice tests for the SAT. Khan Academy and College Board also promise to keep your scores confidential.

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#3 Create a Practice Schedule.

Depending on whether you have a test date coming up or practicing for future purposes, Khan Academy allows you to create a calendar where you can schedule all your study dates. The program automatically sets up a 10-minute-a-day studying schedule but this can be changed to studying on the weekends or over breaks.

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#4 Study.

While getting the practice tests may be an easy process, staying motivated and actually studying consistently is the hard part. Dedicate a day or two each week, have your family study with you, or get a group of friends to all sign up and practice together. As unbelievable as it may sound, studying can actually be fun when you have the right people supporting you.

When you show up on your test day, you’ll be more than prepared. The better you perform, the more college and scholarship opportunities there are. Who doesn’t want that?  The hard work and dedication will really show those colleges what you got.