Top Conversation Starters


Nathalia Valdez, Social Media & Communications

The first day of school or simply introducing yourself to a new group of people can always be scary. The truth is, starting a conversation can be easier than it looks  – you just need to know how to start it off.

  1. Start with a joke- There is absolutely no better ice breaker than a joke (unless you’re at a funeral).  The ideal joke is something simple, quick, and funny for example: “A man entered a local pun contest, he sent in 10 different puns hoping at least one would win, unfortunately no pun in 10 did.”  OR “Do you ever look up at the stars and wonder how messed up the world is? Like the fact that there’s a D in fridge but not refrigerator?”
  2. Ask a silly question- Questions are the best ways to get people talking about themselves, ask something like: “If you could teleport anywhere with the blink of an eye where would you go?”  OR “If you had to choose a fake name to work for the FBI what it be?”
  3. Start with an innocent observation- if someone is wearing a shirt of a band you like ask them about it. Or simply ask them where they got their watch\ bracelet.
  4. Ask a favor- Ask the person if they could hand you a sheet of paper or a pencil, then start talking from there!