Marina Monge’s Marvelous Masterpieces!


Jocelyn Reeder, Editor-in-Chief

When we think of an artist, we think of paintings, drawings, music, but this is not the case for Marina Monge, a senior at Sahuaro. Marina knits shirts, scarfs, designs nails, and is learning how to do eyelash extensions.

When she was younger, her grandmother taught her how to make Barbie Dresses and even made a skirt out of an old pair of jeans. For the knit shirts, the nails, and the eyelash extensions, she taught her self. “I watched YouTube videos. ” When I asked her why she decided to take up these hobbies, she replied, “I wanted to make money and when I was little that was my entertainment.”

Making the knit shirts can be quite hard. Marina reported that making one shirt takes about four hours nonstop. It

took her just once to learn how to make these shirts. As she was knitting, she saw her mistakes and went back to correct them. Marina uses regular yarn and hooks for the

These needles are used for the scarfs.

shirts. For the scarfs, she uses plastic and metal needles. She sometimes took breaks only to just stretch her back but then she got right back to work! “It relaxes and entertains me.”

Doing nails is a whole other different story. She did not want to pay to get her own nails done, so she invested $300-400 for the nail equipment. At first, she started to do other people’s nails but did not have the time so she quit. The equipment she uses for doing nails is what nail salons use. She bought nail polish, acetone, nail clippers, etc.

Eyelash extensions are very hard to do if you are doing them on yourself and not by a professional. Marina reported, “You have to have a really steady hand and a lot of patience.” It takes about an hour and a half putting eyelash extensions on someone else for Marina. Doing it on herself takes her a great deal longer. “The eye lash glue has

These are the hooks she uses for the knit shirts.

a lot of fumes and when it gets into your eye, it burns. You have to lhave a lot of patience and a steady hand. You have to close your eyes too so the glue does not get into your eye.”