Lit In Sahuaro’s New Club


Samantha Crowson, Cougar Tales and Feature Editor

Some students have sports, some have work, and some of us…have nothing. Sure we could join a sport or get a job but maybe that is not your style. Maybe you prefer something a little more lit, as in Literature.

Mrs. Thames, Sahuaro’s new librarian as of this year, has decided to start a new club, called Lit In the Library. This after school activity is for the students of Sahuaro to broaden their literary horizons by providing diverse, world-wide cultural reads, and guest speakers. “My Goal is to let students learn about the culture of the world, in a fun environment,” Mrs. Thames stated. The new club will meet for the first time for this up and coming “Lit” experience on February 4th.  Mrs. Thames urges anyone with an affinity for multicultural literature to join her in the library any Monday after school.