Polar Vortex Hits the US

Polar Vortex Hits the US

Ariela, Fresh Face Editor

The Polar Vortex has sent a blast of super cold air to parts of the United States. This weather pattern is caused by cold air and low pressure around the earth’s poles. Seventy-five percent of the US will experience below freezing temperatures. Luckily, Tucson will not be one of the of them. Some of the temperatures include 48* below in Michigan, 21* below in Chicago, and 11* below in Detroit.Image result for polar vortex 2019

The weather has caused many problems. One being snow squalls on the highways, which has caused many accidents.  So far at least eight deaths have been linked to the storm, including a man who was struck by a snowplow in Chicago, and a man in Milwaukee found frozen to death in his garage. This has been a really hard time for the homeless and many cities are opening shelters for them to make sure they get out of the cold.

Other problems included many flights being canceled and Amtrak canceled trains in Chicago. Even the Postal Service didn’t deliver mail in at least 10 states. Some schools were closed due to the weather. There were also warnings not to leave pets outside unattended. All this weather is now heading further east where NYC is projecting a wind chill of -15 degrees on Thursday. This weather pattern will fortunately only last till the end of the week, with much warmer temperatures expected over the weekend.