Fun Valentines Day Dates♥️🥰

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Fun Valentines Day Dates♥️🥰

Nathalia Vadez, Social Media & Communications

Valentines Day… uhjjj something all single people dread. Too much love is in the air, stuffed animals are being given to loved ones, and the scent of chocolate fills the hallways. Sadly enough, us single people have to buy our own chocolates and sit at home watching movies/crying.

Instead of being at home you could definitely plan a date with your pals! And even if you do have a significant other here’s some ideas for fun Valentine’s Day dates!

A picnic – Picnics can either be super romantic or super friendly. If you’re aiming for a more friendly type of picnic, make sure to bring board games (like Monopoly, Game of Life, Sorry, etc.). But if you want something a little more romantic then bring nice flowers and maybe a fun couples game (like 21 Questions).

Dinner – Another great idea is dinner. It can be as simple as burger
King to as fancy as Culinary Dropout. If you’re going out with friends you can do something casual but nice like Dairy Queen (even though it’s not really dinner it’s something cute to do with friends). If you’re aiming for something a little more romantic (and expensive) Vero Amore is a good place for you! You can also try other places like Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

A Scavenger Hunt- Set up a little scavenger hunt for your friends or loved one. Make sure to make it easy but fun! Have a little treat like chocolates or candy for all the participants when they’re done.

Bonfire- What better way to celebrate your relationship than a nice bonfire and some lovely marshmallows. You can tell ghost stories or jokes it’s all up to you!

Karaoke Night– Something to do with friends or/and your partner is have a Karaoke night. Its always fun (and romantic) to see and hear your partner (or friend) try to hit a high note (even if they can’t).

Valentines Relay Races- On February 10th the U of A will be hosting a couples relay race from 8:30 TO 10:30. (Price ranges from $19-$50).