AA Lit Students Attend Two Trains Running


Azalia Munoz, Senior Spotlight Editor

On February 5th, Mr. Robinson took Cougars on a field trip to ATC (Arizona Theatre Company). TUSD schools were invited to attend, filling the theatre with excited students. Students were excused from school, enjoying the rare opportunity to enjoy a full-day field trip. Mr. Robinson took advantage of the opportunity to take his African American Literature class to the play, even extending invites to other English classes. Due to the limited number of students, it was first come + first serve.

ATC is known for their outstanding plays and performances. The professionalism was there for sure, and the set was so detailed it made it seem like we were actually there. I was surprised to see the amount of students that filled the theatre, occupying almost every seat. People helped us to our seats, and handed out programs about the play and about the actors. ATC Actor, Cedric Mays, attended Sahauro to talk about his experiences – so the students attending the play were excited to see him perform. 

Two Trains Running is about what life was like for African-Americans during the 1960’s. The community was going through major economic development and gentrification. Topics such as race, oppression, and identify were covered over the duration of the play. It is about discovering yourself, and how you are supposed to fit in within society.

Cred: Arizona Daily Star

This was my second play I have seen from ATC. The first one I saw was freshman year with Mr. Harkin, and we saw Of Mice and Men. This play held more grit to it though, diving deep into the hardships of being a black man or woman. I feel like it is also super important for the younger generation of African-American/black teenagers, and people of all ages in general because of the always relevant racial inequality. The actors were glorious, fully committing to their characters. Senior, Jasmine Roberts-Llamas, says “I liked the way that the actors stayed in character the entire time, it was really believable.” I give the play a solid 9/10. It was worth the money, and the time spent attending. A nominal $10 fee secured a spot and a permission slip was needed to attend the trip –  an additional cost was added for a pizza expense if the students wanted some. After the play was over – Ms. Martinez ordered pizza, and the students ate contently in the courtyard while talking about how the play went.