How to Get a Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame


Samantha Crowson, Cougar Tales and Feature Editor

Just recently popular recording artist Pink has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,  joining the the 2,600 stars currently occupying a space on the famous sidewalk. This got me thinking, how exactly do you get a Star? Are you Nominated? Are you just picked out of a raffle? If I have always wanted one, could it be bought?  What exactly did Pink do to get herself walked on by millions of people everyday?  According to, there are 4 “easy” steps to achieving the dream.

First step is to get Nominated, but you can’t just be Nominated for anything.  You must be placed in one or more of the 5 available categories: radio, motion pictures, live performance/theater, television and recording. To apply for nomination you must fill out the application and  “must submit a photo, a bio with the nominee’s qualifications, as well as a list of contributions to the community and civic-oriented participation,”  as well as simply agreeing to fund the star in the event of said star being chosen.  “Anyone can nominate their favorite celebrity, including a fan. Each year, we receive an average of 300 nominations,” said Ana Martinez, Producer of walk of fame ceremonies.

Next step is waiting to be chosen. One person and a chairman from each category will select 30 stars. Then it is the sponsor’s job to pay $40,000 to fund the promotion of the star and upkeep. Due to the price, movie studios and recording companies often handle the nominations. Finally the celebrity must agree to have a ceremony or else their nomination will be resubmitted with a less likely chance of being chosen again.

My fun-filled research of this subject has brought me to a grand understanding today, I will most likely never have a star on the walk of fame. At least there is always hope when you have a box of chalk and the sidewalk in front of my house.