Chameleons…That’s it

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Azalia Munoz, Senior Spotlight Editor

If I rubbed a bronze lamp, and a genie suddenly appeared – he would sigh and ask me my three wishes. My first wish would be an endless supply of concert tickets, my second wish would be to be all-knowing, and for my third wish it would be a little chameleon. Chameleons are the one thing that I would give an arm for, they are literally the coolest thing on this entire planet. I would name him Rango, and put a lil hat on him – he would look like this. Exotic Direct published an article about fun facts about Chameleons, and I summed them up for you.

1.  Chameleons don’t actually change color based on their surroundings…kinda:

Chameleons actually change their color due to a number of different factors, like their mood, changes in light or temperature, or the humidity of their environment. Dominant males will also have more brighter colors, and submissive males will have more dull colors. Female chameleons will also change their colors based on if they’re interested in having a mate.

2. They have 360 degree vision:

Each eye has a field of vision of 180 degrees, so both of them together can see all around them at all times. This is useful because if a predator attempts to sneak up on them, they will be able to detect them without the predator knowing.

3. They like to be warm:

Since they originated in Madagascar, they like to be in a warm and humid environment. It is also said that over 90% of all wildlife can be found in Madagascar.

4. Super powerful tongues:

Some tongues found on various chameleons can be over twice the length of the body. It consists of both bones and muscle so that makes it powerful + efficient. Prey can be captured in split seconds, making it easier for these reptiles to hunt.

In general, they like to each small insects like roaches, and even smaller birds for the more carnivorous types. I can’t explain why these creatures are so cool, but something about them is so interesting.