Important Steps To Setting Up Your iPhone

Important Steps To Setting Up Your iPhone

Ariela, Fresh Face Editor

Here are the steps to setting up your new iPhone!

1: Create your apple ID

By doing this you will be able to get apps, use iMessage and FaceTime, set up Find My iPhone, and a lot more. If you don’t do this step you won’t be able to take advantage of a lot of things the iPhone provides.

2. Install iTunes

If you are a music lover you can’t forget to install iTunes. This not only lets you download music, but also helps you organize and add and remove music when you want.

3. Set up and Sync your iPhone

Now that you have your apple ID and iTunes set up, you are ready to start adding apps and music to your phone. If you set up the sync feature, all of your downloads can be shared with every other apple device you have.

4. Set up Find My iPhone

Obviously this is a very important step, considering how much iPhones cost. Turn it on, and you can check on where your phone is at anytime.

5. Set up Touch ID or Face ID

If you like to keep all your stuff private this is probably one of the most important steps. This keeps other from getting into your phone. This will also protect you from people making random charges on your account. This makes your phone more secure.

6. Learn about apps

Apple gives you a bunch of free apps that are already downloaded onto your iPhone. Experiment, and learn more about them. You can also go to the app store and find many more useful and fun apps.

7. How to protect your child’s iPhone

Apple has a lot of tools to protect children from adult content, or running up bills, or from people that may try and contact them online. There are also ways to add insurance in case your child drops or damages the phone.