Site Council Minutes January 29, 2019

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Date: January 29, 2019   Location: Administrative Conference Room   Time: 4:20 – 6:00 pm

Certified Representatives:
Susie Ribaudo
Melissa Martinez
Ken Marrs

Student Representatives:
Caitlin Manjarre
Chloe Chavez
Lucy Rojo
Parent Representatives:
Maria Saavedra
Nelson Brown

Classified Representatives:
Paula Saldutti
Community Representative:
Darryl Day (absent)

Administration Representatives:
Bobby Estrella
Patricia Hurley (absent)

• Call to order and incorporation of unpublished fund requests: $300 for bus to SARSEF, $710 for individual student to attend TUSD sponsored tour of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

Call to the Audience:
1. Megan Hughes (Speech and Debate sponsor/coach):
Request $2000 (split $1000/$1000) to compensate 2 coaches. History: $2000 appears as TUSD budget line for 1 coach; coaches oversee 2 afterschool practices each week, chaperone and coach at 8 tournaments each year, and finance out-of-pocket incidental expense such as: meals/snacks
2. Regarding request to fund stipend for Boys’ Volleyball Assistant Coach: all other sports fund additional coaches through fundraising and booster activities. To fund this position with Site Council budget would be inequitable treatment for one team
Principal’s Report:
1. Recent successes with Debate Team, Robotics, Fine Arts, sports teams
2. No more AZMerit testing; ACT online testing for Juniors begins April 2, 2019. ACT includes: ELA Reading, Math, and Science. No more AIMS Science test.
 Sophomores and Freshmen will complete benchmark testing.
 ADE determining how to score growth without AZMerit. ADE has narrowed down to 3 potential models
3. AVID is coming to Sahuaro next year
 Program will serve 200 students to develop study skills and college prep
 1.0 FTE will cover 4 AVID sections, 1 planning period, and 1 coordinating period. Job listing posted, interviews begin this Saturday at TUSD Job Fair
 AVID Core Group has begun meeting January 29, 2019

4. TUSD Superintendent announced that all district high schools will run 7-period days. Only Sahuaro and Sabino are on 6-period days.
 AVID Core Group is designing new schedule after visiting schools with 7 period days.
 New schedule will incorporate a daily Conference Period adjacent to 3rd Period, with the exception of Wednesday (early release and Professional Development time are preserved.
 Course load is a Consensus issue: 7 period day may include 2 teacher planning periods, one of which could be associated with PLCs…either Department or grade-level PLCs; 7-period day usually requires additional FTE.
 There will be opportunities for input from all of Sahuaro HS community
5. $710 to fund HBCU trip for Aleysha (winner of MLK Jr essay contest)
 Maria Saavedra: move to tentatively approve $710, Bobby Estrella seconds
 Voice vote: Pros have it
6. $300 to fund school bus for SARSEF
 Nelson Brown: move to tentatively approve full amount, Maria Saavedra seconds
 Voice vote: Pros have it
7. Parent-Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 6 pm. Half-day Friday, February 15, 2019
Parent Report:
1. Nelson Brown: improved security during Conference noticeable from across the street. Problems before and after school remain.
2. Maria Saavedra: kudos to Mrs. Smith for posting information on social media; concurs with Brown regarding added security, particularly with locked “front door.” Nothing from COSTCO (fundraising night)? Big thank you from Gridley for use of auditorium on March 8, 2019 for magic show fundraiser. (Gridley parent is a fabulous professional magician in Hawaii. Come to the Magic Show fundraiser! Tickets are $10)
Student Council Report:
1. Freshmen Class Goals: digital clocks in hallways, remove old wall-mounted TVs in classrooms, paint locker room benches
2. Sophomore Class Goal: more lunch time activities
3. Junior Class Goals: paint inspirational quotes on rest room stalls to deter graffiti, Janitor Appreciation Day (provide lunch while StuCo performs clean-up duties)
4. Juniors cont.: “Sell” student parking spots for fundraiser
5. Senior Class Goal: paint mural on Fine Arts building
6. Awareness week on the way: poetry contest, ribbons for causes
**Facilitator clarification of meeting procedures**

January 29, 2019 continued

Discussion/Action Items:
1. Public Address System for football stadium at $6500: would be great for graduation and events other than football games
 Bobby Estrella: Sahuaro is the only high school in TUSD without a fixed PA system; StuCo has pitched in $5000; same company that installed PA at Sabino and Flowing Wells; if approved, PA could be in place by graduation; if all requests are approved today, Site Council funds balance would be $9,900.
Nelson Brown: move to approve, Maria Saavedra seconds
Voice vote: Pros have it
2. Speech and Debate request for $2000 to pay coaches’ stipends
Nelson Brown: move to modify to add $1000 for supplies
Voice vote: Pros have it
3. Boys’ Volleyball Stipend for assistant coach at $2500
 Bobby Estrella: Approved M&O line for 2 coaches per sport, Boys Volleyball is
“absent” coaching stipend as funds were absorbed into previous Athletic Director’s compensation. Researching to resolve budget issue.
7. Bobby Estrella: move to approve with stipulation that Boys’ Volleyball will raise
money to benefit facility improvement/beautification or performs service in the gym
Maria Saavedra: seconds
Voice vote: Pros have it

Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be March 12, 2018. Will be second of 4 required meetings.

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