Jordyn Woods Isn’t Keeping Up With The Kardashians


Nathalia Valdez, Social Media & Communication

Chances are you know, but if you don’t – Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson hooked up (but you didn’t hear it from me). And if you don’t know who Tristan Thompson is – he’s a professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA, AND Khloé Kardashian’s (ex) boyfriend and baby daddy. Well, they were dating while Jordyn and Tristan did the deed. So grab a snack, sit back, and relax because this is gonna be one long and confusing ride.

So basically, Kylie Jenner’s BFF cheated on her best friend’s sister’s boyfriend. Got all that? How Khloe found out? Well, first apparently Jordyn Woods called Khloe and said she was at Tristan’s party but “just to make sure no girls didn’t stay over”. Later many of the people who were at the party told Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney about what “really went down” Sources say at first Kim was in disbelief, but when Khloe called Jordyn at first she denied it but later “broke down” and “admitted the hookup happened”.

The whole family was in disbelief especially her longtime BFF, Kylie. Kylie has done many things for Jordyn, including helping pay for her father’s funeral, helping start a makeup business, and Khloe even helped her start modeling for the same jean company.

Supposedly Jordyn and Tristan had already agreed to lie if anyone found out about the hookup, but couldn’t take the pressure, and eventually told the truth. Allegedly Jordyn has also told many different versions of the story and even got to the point where she claims she “doesn’t remember anything from that night” after already saying other versions of the same story.

But wait there’s more, on Friday Jordyn was interviewed by Jada Pinkett Smith’s “The Red Table” and told her version of the story. Jordyn  says she “Never” slept with Tristan: When Jada asked Jordyn if she slept with Tristan, Jordyn replied, “Never.” Inside sources claim all the Kardashian’s/Jenner’s were watching.