“Born Alive” Infant Protection Program


Samantha Valdez , Opinions Editor

On February 25 2019, Senate voted on the “Born Alive” Infant Protection Program Act. This act required doctors to provide full medical care to all babies who survive abortion procedures. Last week Illinois Governor Ralph Northam introduced a new bill allowing mothers to have the option of terminating their pregnancy all the way through the third trimestercausing outrage from citizens and organizations against abortion, like the Pro-life group, although the act did obtain support from the Pro-Choice Group. Because of this, the Senate proposed this new act to ensure medical care to surviving babies. However this act did not get approval, it required 60 votes and received 53 votes for the act and 44 opposing votes.

Last week’s bill turned Illinois into the top abortion state in the country, according to the Pro-Life Group. The bill is also predicted to bring money to the state. Abortion procedures remain the same, but now women are allowed to go as far into the pregnancy as they please. Some abortion procedures might fail if the baby is well developed and strong, which is why some citizens believe it is wrong to get an abortion at a late time into pregnancy. Many other people are happy because they believe women should have the right to decide what they do with their bodies.

American citizens were completely divided on the subject and so was the senate, Nebraska State Senator Ben Sasse wrote, “We’re talking about making sure that newborn babies are treated with dignity and receive care whether they’re born in the maternity wing or an abortion clinic…..This is the bare minimum in humane treatment.” Many people agree with Governor Sasse but the others believe this could cause many future problems for doctors such as getting sued by the baby’s family for not completing the procedure.