Isis Bride Denied Return to the United States


Samantha Crowson, Cougar Tales and Feature Editor

In 2014, Hoda Muthana originally told her family she was going on a trip to Atlanta as part of a field trip connected with her business studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, but rather than doing so she withdrew her enrollment in college and used the tuition reimbursement to purchase a plane ticket to Turkey to join one of the most well known terrorist groups – Isis in Syria. Her family didn’t find out until later when  they received a letter days later, telling them her plans. Now a little over 4 years later, Muthana wants to return to the United States with her 3- year-old son.

Throughout her years with the terrorist group she was married to 3 different men – the first being the father of her son, each deceased now. Many times over and over she posted on twitter condoning the actions of Isis and suggesting to many of the susceptible young girls who followed her to join the group and they would be rewarded. Many of her twitter accounts were deleted upon creation. In response to her request to return to the US, Donald Trump tweeted out, “I have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he fully agrees, not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!” on February 20th.

To Fight back Muthana’s father has filled a lawsuit against the Trump administration demanding she be allowed to return. The subject of her return is of massive argument around America and it is not determined if she will be permitted to return or not.