The Electric Toothbrush–Is it Worth the Hype?


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Marcela Marcial, Beat Investigator - Featured Athlete

There’s a question that you have probably asked yourself once or twice in your life. Should I get a electric toothbrush? Is it worth the money? I’ve tried both electric and manual toothbrushes, here is my review on which is better and if it is worth to buy.

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Brushing your teeth is really important so you won’t get yellow teeth, plaque build up, and have bacteria between your teeth and in your gums. Both electric and manual toothbrushes have a lot of good benefits of cleaning your teeth.

A normal manual toothbrush has been around for years and still a great tool for brushing your teeth. It’s easy to find in any grocery store, gas station, and even the dollar store. It’s affordable, they range around $1-$3, and it’s easy to take on the go. Manual toothbrushes are also the best for little kids because it’s safe and has softer bristles so their gums won’t bleed or hurt. But you’ll have to replace your toothbrush about every three to four mouths. The bristles on the toothbrush flair up faster and its more waste to throw away.

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An electric toothbrush makes the bristles vibrate or rotates in circular motions to help get rid of any food and plaque faster and for a deeper clean. It’s also less waste because the bristles last way longer before flaring up and you only have to throw away the head of the toothbrush instead of throwing the whole thing away. But they could also be expensive. They could range around $20-$250 for a electrical toothbrush plus the brush heads that are about $10-$45 and plus batteries then are about $5.

I’ve had my electric toothbrush that vibrates and rotates for about a month now, and I already feel like my electric toothbrush decreased the amount of plaque on my teeth. What helped the most was brushing my teeth twice a day for about three minutes and then at night, I used mouthwash. I have also noticed a slight color change in my teeth, that they have gotten a bit whiter ever since I got my braces off a month ago. I think it’s worth getting an electric toothbrush because it does better at cleaning your teeth and a pack of brush heads could last basically a year so you’re not spending as much accept buying the actual electric toothbrush. If you’re able to afford an electrical toothbrush, then go for it.