Awareness Week At Sahuaro High School


Jamie Beck, Fine Arts Editor and Slideshow Editor

The Student Council team at Sahuaro High School held the second annual Awareness Week as a way to bring certain mindfulness and knowledge about relevant and important topics. Banners were put up in the hallways with various colored ribbons supporting each awareness so students could pick up a ribbon-wearing it to show what awareness is most important to them.

Monday’s banner was red, acknowledging DUI awareness – over 41 people a day die from drunk driving. Tuesday’s ribbon recognized suicide and were yellow -over 1 million people die every year from committing suicide.

Wednesday’s banner was green for mental health – every day someone struggles with a mental health disorder that may include; changes in mood, personality, personal habits and social withdrawal. Thursday’s banner was purple for cancer -over 600,000 people die a year from Cancer, and finally Friday’s banner was blue for diabetes awareness.

Every day a banner with black ribbons was set out in the cafeteria for students to wear showing that they are a part of or know someone with each complication.

Students who took a ribbon have a reason for why they wanted to show awareness. Whether it was because they witnessed someone get hurt while driving under the influence, thought of suicide, been having a hard time with mental health, they have had or know someone who has been through cancer or may still have it, or someone they know or themselves has struggled with diabetes.

“My close friend struggles with diabetes and it really affects her everyday life. I think we should show people we are here for them,”  said Alexya Amezcua, a member from Student Council. Awareness week was a great way to show people we care about them and we are here for them, it let students who are involved in these issues know that they’re not alone.