Phone Makers Bringing Buttons Back?


BBC News

Denise Najera , Sports Recorder

Remember those flip-phones you had in 3rd or 5th grade? Remember how terrible that was? I know mine was. Thank the phone-makers for creating the iPhone! Who’d ever want to go back to those ancient things, right?

Wrong. They’re bringing them back!

BBC News

Apparently, phone-makers have created an Android that slides open to reveal a physical qwerty keyboard inside . The phone is called The F(x)tec Pro1 and was created because makers say they wanted to “return the keyboard to the consumers”. That “people want more than the single slab” (What? .___. )

“A lot of consumer tech still has buttons even though the tech is there to get rid of them,” said Adrian Li Mow Ching, founder of F(x)tec. The company also lists a bunch of benefits from it. Saying that sliding the keyboard open was ‘fun’ and that typing with the keyboard allows for much less ‘Spelling Errors’…. isn’t that why we have auto-correct? Can you really not take the time to fix the word you spelled wrong? You don’t even need to spell it  – the dang thing fixes it for you!

BlackBerry’s Phone

Ching says that the phone does take some time to get use to if you’re always using a touch screen. Brands like BlackBerry Mobile and Swiss firm Punkt also joined in showing off the phone.


What I’m wondering is how that little piece of plastic hinge is holding up the whole screen without snapping in half.

The Pro1 will go on sale in April for $649 in the United States.