Jonas Brothers Reunite After 5 Year Split

Jonas Brothers Reunite After 5 Year Split

Kianna Montano, Beat Investagator-ELL/Foreign

S.O.S! The Jonas Brothers are officially back together!

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas confirmed they had reunited as a pop music trio, after more than five years of their split. They also released a new single, “Sucker”. The group has had other recent interviews and talked about how they all discussed reuniting the band last year while filming a documentary about their lives, and also hinting a future reunion tour. Word on the street is that if there will be a reunion tour, that tickets will be sold out within an hour of the dates being released.

In a recent interview at PopBuzz Meets, they hinted about having a future tour. There are no dates scheduled yet.

Nick talked about how the reunion came, and when it all started.

“It started about a year ago, almost exactly,” he said. “And initially, it was about filming a documentary. So we wanted to tell our story, you know, where we came from, kind of what happened on our journey back then together, and then where we are now. And in that, I think we just started to spend a lot of time together, filming again, and I think we realized that there was magic when we were together that we missed, you know, and and we felt like something different always happened when we were together.” “I sort of began the conversation about doing this again and after a few conversations, they came around to it,” he said about Joe and Kevin. “Because when it ended, it was not, it was not good. It was, you know, a challenging couple years of kind of rebuilding this family and I think in our minds, it was, it seemed like it would be impossible to ever do this again.” It was Nick’s idea to bring the famous boy band back.

Their new single “Sucker” features their leading ladies. Priyanka Chopra who is Nick Jonas’s wife, Sophie Turner who is Joe Jonas’s Fiance, and Danielle Jonas who is Kevin Jonas’s wife with 2 daughters.

The video features colorful, lavish scenes of the three couples together on a huge estate as the brothers sing about being “suckers” for their ladies.

The Jonas Brothers were on “Camp Rock” a Disney Channel movie series. They signed with Disney’s Hollywood Records label in 2007, and their albums have sold millions of copies worldwide.