Why You Should #Watch Antonio Garza🤠


Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

Antonio Garza is a fast-rising YouTube sensation. She is a sixteen year-old beauty and makeup influencer. She created her YouTube account over a year ago and has accumulated 2.8 million subscribers since. Many of her fans were tempted to check her videos out when she appeared in one of James Charles’ videos in October of 2018. The video has since gotten 7 million views.

Here are the reasons to subscribe to Antonio Garza:

She’s the Queen of Editing.

Her random and funny video edits are what keep us laughing uncontrollably and if you watch her videos and don’t find yourself uglily cackling, stay far far away from me please, I don’t need that kind of negativity in 2019. #NewYearNewMe, sorry bout’ it. 🙂

She’s really funny, relatable, and honestly, a mess.

In all of her videos, she either tells a story or goes on about nonsense which either way is really funny with all of the overly relatable things she says. Her edits and her messiness make YouTube enjoyable. She often brings up the struggles of being a YouTuber and makes us see that YouTubers are actually humans, just like us.

Umm… she’s obviously good at makeup.

Even though she sucks at showing her viewers what products are being used, and overall trash at posting, she is really good at makeup and makes her daily makeup routine really fun and fresh.

Let’s see what other people think of Antonio Garza.

SEE I wasn’t lying, SHE’S AMAZING. These people spilled ALL the tea…RIP Emma😬








Her dance moves are pretty swaggy

What can I say, she’s pretty talented…






Watch her most recent video: